Hi, I’m Lindsey!

I was born right outside the suburbs of Chicago and have a couple years ago relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona. This is your formal invite to join me on this new blogging adventure. For years, my passions have been consistent: a desire to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. In my free time I enjoy shopping, hiking, writing, and traveling to new places. I am a big foodie too and love finding new places to try out locally.

What’s this blog about?

This blog is all about my life, but I try to include helpful information for yours. I’ll show you pictures of my food, share the top fashion trends, what I like to wear, tell you about what I’ve been loving lately, offer suggestions and ideas, and I’ll always answer your comments and questions!

Starting this blog was a huge leap for me, but I’m so ecstatic to get started! Once I realized how much I needed a creative outlet, everything just fell into place. Now, I find myself looking forward to my next post or interaction with the friends I have already made through the blogging world.

 How can you join the fun?

 Follow along not only on my new blog posts weekly, but on social media:

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By the way, I’m so glad you’re here!