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Hawaiian Diaries: My Island Guide Part 1, Lanai

I had the opportunity to go to two of the most beautiful islands in Hawaii for 10 days. The trip was broken up by staying on different islands, which I highly suggest doing. In this two-part island guide, you’ll hear about each island I visited along with excursions to do, restaurants to eat at, and places to stay.

To start off my travels, I flew Hawaiian Airlines to Honolulu and then took a charter plane to the private island, Lanai (there are no direct flights because of how small the island is). If I’m going to recommend one thing, fly Hawaiian Airlines! Hawaiian Airlines service was top notch and the seating was comfortable for the 6.5 flight from Phoenix.

Where I stayed

Lanai “Pineapple Isle” used to be home to where all of the pineapples grew in Hawaii. I stayed at one of the two resorts on Lanai, Four Seasons Resort Lanai. The property was recently renovated and was stunning. If you ever want to see true sophistication and luxury, this is the place to stay. I had the pleasure of staying in the Penthouse Suite with an Ocean View and floor to ceiling windows in each room. The best thing besides the view was technology. The entire room was controlled by an iPad next to your bed, how cool!

Activities to do in Lanai

With it being such a small island, there is a lot to do. The hotel itself had a few pools and a spa, and just a short walk down to one of the most beautiful beaches with chairs and towels ready for any of their guests. Not only can you relax beachside, but you can rent snorkel gear from the attendants and right off the coast swim out and see amazing sea life. The snorkeling off the coast was some of the most magnificent snorkeling I’ve ever seen. The water was crystal clear, the coral was vibrant and the fish were so colorful. I even saw an eel and an octopus (how cool). I took a catamaran and snorkeled off the coast a few miles to a place called Cathedral Rock. On our way there we saw flying fish and so many spinner dolphins. Other things to do include golfing, hiking, UTV tours, yoga, and a traditional Luau. In addition, I did rent a Jeep and toured the 30 miles of paved road Lanai has to offer. I explored the town, which was about 20 minutes from the resort, and went to Shipwreck Beach which was on the other side of the island. It had just got a lot of rain on the island so there were a few off-roading places I was unable to drive on or I would of been stuck. Those included: Sweetheart Rock and Garden of the Gods.

Things to See in Lanai

There is so much beauty on this quiet island, from the plants, trees, rocks, and the coastline. If you wake up for sunrise, within walking distance there is a hike that shows an amazing sunrise over the ocean with views of Maui! The views are just as good at sunset too!

Places to Eat

The Four Seasons Lanai has 6 restaurants to eat at on property, that are fabulous! If you’re looking to adventure out a bit there are shuttles that take you into town. In town, there is 1 grocery store that has some of the best local Poke caught fresh daily. Once they sell out they sell out so get there before dinner. There are a few in town restaurants, Lanai City Bar and Grille and Café 545 that I tried and really enjoyed.

If you’re looking for seclusion and privacy this is the place to go. I only stayed 4 days here and for me, that was the perfect amount. 100% I will be back! Stay tuned for my next blog post on what I did in Maui!!

Mahalo!! (Thanks)



  1. Jubilee D Meyer says:

    What a dream! Adding this to my bucket list. Also, I love your style! That romper is so cute:)

  2. I visited Hawaii for 10 days in February this year, covering Honolulu and Kauai. I could relate to your experience as Lanai sounds very similar to Kauai!

  3. Lovely pics. It seems you had awesome time. Hawaii is on my travel bucket list. Am waiting for my time.

  4. I have been dreaming of going to Hawaii for years now!! This post is sooooo dreamy. It seems like you had a beautiful adventure! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. Well you just put me on game. I would’ve never thought about staying at different Islands in Hawaii. But hey, why not!? Looks like I have some more destinations to add to my bucket list. Thanks for allowing me to vacation through your post! This was a breath of fresh air.

  6. Fiorella says:

    How amazing can be a trip there! Would love to visit it after seeing these images.

  7. I went to Maui and it was truly the best vacation I ever had! Definitely going to go back and I would love to go to Lanai next time, thanks for the info🌸

  8. Oh wow! What a paradise! Everything looks so dreamy and peaceful… And the view? Just wow!!! Definitely adding Hawaii to my travel bucket list! Great post babe!

  9. Wow, what a trip! The resort looks beautiful! I just spent the past week in Oahu and wonder how our trips compare! Yours looks very relaxing and what stunning views!

    Sarah from

  10. You are gorgeous and your life is fabulous. I can’t wait to read your next post. If our kids went to the same private school, we would totally be besties! Fabulous women unite!

  11. Tori Curtis says:

    Beautiful. I would love to visit one day.

  12. Richa says:

    what a beautiful place… i want to add it to my endless bucket list

  13. Your outfits are so stunning!

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