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5 Tips to Kick-Start a Healthy Lifestyle

For this new year I wanted to share with you a few simple tips that can help kick start your healthy lifestyle. With the new year in full force I am trying so hard to hit my health and fitness goals. I have always been a big supporter of living a healthy lifestyle and that still stands. Yes I slip every now and then, who doesn’t? But I get up and start over again. I have a big trip in February to Hawaii! With that comes a healthy eating plan and fitness plan. I know each of us has our own goals that we want to hit and these tips can help you get there and stay there.

Here are five tips for how to kick-start your healthy lifestyle.

1. Set small goals!

If you set one big goal for the year the truth is it may be hard to know where to start or to keep your momentum. For me, I recommend setting smaller, mini goals. When setting a small goal it will be easier to reach and measure your progress. We all know how great it feels when you hit a goal so once you hit your small goal you then can create another small goal. You will have the excitement to achieve it! Who doesn’t love crossing a goal off your list, am I right?!

Determine your specific goals and write them down. I recommend using a planner. Check out my post on the Purposeful Planner. Now write down how you will achieve those goals. Be specific! Will you record everything you eat in a food tracking app? Will you exercise at high intensity 3-4 days a week? Will you use an app to make sure you are getting 8 hours of sleep per night?  

2. Clear the junk

To life a healthy lifestyle whether its mentally or physical, you need some form of a detox. It is important to clear what you don’t need that may distract you from your progress. If you are looking to focus on diet, clean out your fridge and pantry. Throw out foods and beverages that will prevent you from hitting your goals. We all know there are some items left in the house that will temp you, get rid of them!

If it’s more mental that you are focusing on, eliminate negativity in your life. Is there something or someone in your life that triggers you or makes your feel bad about yourself? Remove it from your life!

Organization is a key! If you aren’t keeping yourself organized around the house or if you are living in an untidy home, clean it up! I have shared a few home organization items below that may help. Once you are organized you will see how much weight is lifted off your shoulders and you can focus on you.

3. Get into meal prepping – game changer!!

Ever since living on my own, I meal prep. Trying to save time? Meal prep! Looking to eat healthy? Meal prep! Want to save money? Meal prep! Meal prepping is something that will do all of the above. Check out my favorite meal prepping ideas on my Pinterest board. Also, I have these Tupperware and they make for easy meal prepping.

4. Drink your H2O

Water, water, and more water! Drinking enough water in a day is so important. I try to drink a gallon a day, hard to do I know! I use a Hydro Gallon, which is a half gallon bottle and I know after drinking two I’ve hit my goal. To learn more about my bottle check out my post here! I have also shared a few bottles that I highly recommend below.

5. Do you!

Determine what makes your happy. Do you enjoy brunching with friends, going to go for a hike, exploring new restaurants, grabbing coffee with you bestie, etc. Find a way to do something at least once a week. Have your “you” time and be happy!

Implementing each of these tips will make you feel great, I know it helps me! I’d love to hear from each of you as to how you are going to kick-start your healthy lifestyle this year.



  1. Love this, feeling totally inspired to start meal prepping! It’s super hard to find the time for it, but totally worth the effort! Thanks for the awesome tips!

  2. I love the idea of setting smaller goals. And I also definitely need to up my water game! Great post!

  3. These are all great tips! I def agree with meal prepping, it has been a game changer the past few years for me!

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